From the very beginning of my existence, I have been constantly exposed to the process of documentation. My mother always had a camera in hand, with the early days of my childhood preserved in floral photo albums.


Finding the extensive pile of family albums in the cupboard tucked away, I began to see the importance of documenting life. One of the reasons I fell in love with photography was how it could preserve memory and the lives of others. This became more real for me as friends and family began to pass away and all I had left were physical photographs and the moments from my memory. 


When I photograph I aim to capture beautiful moments of life and the places that we find ourselves. My joy lies in photographing the details that may be lost to the fluidity of our memory. One of my favourite instances is when I look back on an image and I find something that I had forgotten at that moment. 


I have a love for travel and meeting new people,  but I always find myself gravitating back to my home in Melbourne - With good coffee and good food.