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About me



Growing up amongst the towers of photo albums.


I've come to understand how beautiful it is to flip the pages of your life and revisit moments that may have been lost to you. Growing up my mum and dad documented the majority of my life. Now I seek to continue this tradition with my own and the life of others. 

As a photographer, I love to focus on the real moments between you and your partner. When you look back on your photos I don't want you to say "oh the photographer made us fake laugh in that one" - this aint me. My aim is to preserve the REAL love you have for each other and the friends and family that surround you.


Outside of photography?? With the free time I have: I'm always over-caffeinated, at the beach (rain, hail or shine), obsessing over dogs or going on an adventure to somewhere I haven't been before. 

I'm also a massive believer in being a friend on the day rather some random taking your photos. So you can expect a coffee date with me as the third wheel. If you are looking for a super chill person that loves the crazy hyped moments but also the quiet intimate moments - I'm your gal.


So, pull up a chair, I'll order you a coffee and let's chat :)


Please don’t hesitate to send me an email or a message, I'm here for you!


- Abi x


"Photography is not for personal gain.

I photograph to help others preserve their love for each other.

I capture with the intention to preserve memories"

- Abi Assender


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Abi Assender

Located in Hawthorn, Victoria

Phone: 0430611099

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